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List Agents shortcode

With “List Agents” shortcode you can create a list of your agents. There are several filtering methods available for this shortcode:

  • by action category (ex: Agents specialized in Sales, Rent)
  • by category (ex Agents specialized in houses, commercial etc)
  • by city (ex Agents in New York)
  • by area (ex Agents in Manhattan)
  • you can randon order them

Also you can pick the number of agents you want to display – in the example below we chose 3.

Βασίλης Λυμπερίδης

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Η εταιρεία ΛΥΜΠΕΡΙΔΗΣ KOMOTINI REAL ESTATE δραστηριοποιείται στην Ροδόπη και εδρεύει στην ...

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